How Many Sewing Machines Do You Have

I’ve been a professional tailor and pattern maker in the film and television industry for over 25 years. I’m always on the lookout for something that can make my job easier and more efficient. Subjective, perhaps.

I think the best thing for a person who wants to sew is to acquire a sewing machine. They are not hard to use, and if you have time to practice and experiment, you will quickly master them.

I have worked professionally as a custom tailor and pattern maker in the film and television industry for about 25 years. I’ve got a small collection of machines that make my job easier and more efficient. Most people I know who do my job are in the same boat. They couldn’t imagine doing their job without them.

How Many Sewing Machines Do You Have
How Many Sewing Machines Do You Have

How Many Sewing Machines Do You Have

There are so many types of sewing machines some are explain in this articles you can read and select any one of them.

Juki High Speed Single Needle Straight Lockstitch Industrial Sewing Machine

A new Juki High Speed Single Needle Straight Lockstitch Industrial Sewing Machine is a must-have for anyone who wants to sew better. This sewing machine can sew in straight lines and is very efficient.

Even my old sewing machine is smoother and more sensitive than most domestic machines. Five layers of denim or a single layer of chiffon emerge from the presser foot with no complaints and straight, even stitches.

And the newer models of the Juki can go a little faster. Go check out the current models, the DDL-8700 and the DDL-5550N and test drive one if you can. I think you can tell right away it’s a machine that’s going to pay for itself. Sewing Pins


A majority of my friends who are filmmakers own at least one Bernina. They’re the best at what they do. They are my primary choice for anyone who needs a cutting-edge, high-performance, professional quality cutting and sewing machine.

I have an old mechanical sewing machine that’s still made in the form of a 1008. Mechanical sewing machines are very durable and easier to use than their electric counterparts. I keep my old-school Bernina on the wardrobe truck of whatever show I’m currently working on.

My favorite pair of gloves are the ones that fit over my hands really well, are made of strong leather and have great padding. They’re also very comfortable, even though I’ve worn them for years.

Brother lightweight Portable Machine

The Brother CS-5055 is the most incredible inexpensive machine I’ve seen in years. It is extremely portable, very easy to use, and it sews like a champ!

I use my Brother QL-8040 mainly for its pre-programmed buttonholes and stretch stitching. In my experience, a lot of domestic machines produce substandard buttonholes. The Brother QL-8040 doesn’t fail: each buttonhole is perfect and almost indistinguishable from manufactured clothing buttonholes.

Reliable Blind Hem Machine

I need a good, reliable blind hemmer because I use it all day long to prepare a variety of fabrics for my tailoring work. It doesn’t snag or pull and it’s easy to adjust.

It’s easy to set up and the machine, although technically not portable, can be carried to a work site.


You’ll get many different choices for a serger. First, you’ll have to ask yourself what you will mainly be using your serger for. Do you need a machine to finish seams?

My favorite machine is the Juki Garnet Line MO-623 1 needle 2/3 thread Sewing Machine with automatic rolled hem feature. This sewing machine makes it easy to sew an entire garment without needing a separate seam ripper or iron.

The sewing machine I bought is great. It’s dependable, smooth, and has many useful features that help me work faster and more accurately.

The automatic rolled hem feature is game changing.

Many machines require the user to change the fabric feed as you sew, but with the Juki, you manipulate the fabric with built in fingertip control.

How To Draw Sewing Patterns.


When you’re looking for a sewing machine, you need to consider your needs and desires. You’ll need to think about the amount of work you’ll be doing and the tools you’ll be using.

  • If you’re a beginner, you might want to start with a basic machine.
  • If you’re a professional, you’ll want a more sophisticated machine.
  • Whatever you’re a perfectionist, you’ll want the best machine.

Different brands and models to choose from, but all work well.

Further, there are many different types of sewing machines available. In addition, we’ll discuss the different models available for each type of sewing machine.

Before you buy a sewing machine, you’ll want to make sure that you’re aware of all the different types of sewing machines.

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